Thursday, April 29, 2010

17TH Annual Day celebration of Vaidehi Ashram

17TH Annual Day celebration of Vaidehi Ashram 

25th April 28, 2010
Vaidehi Ashramamu, Saidabad, Hyderabad.

The kids were extra-ordinary in their performances, he lively Tribal Dance,  the divine Kirthanas of Thyagaraja, Annamacharya, the emphatic self defence  performances by the little Bruce Lees all had the audience wanting more. The speech by "Dr Ji", (dressed as Dr Hedgewar) was something to remember. Dressed like Dr Hedgewar the founder of RSS, the child filled with passion, talked patriotism and the need of dedicating ones self  in the service of the Motherland forgetting differences of caste, creed, etc.

The brilliant adaptations of DASHAVATARAM; KRISHNA LEELA were enacted with amazing choreography. Both were performed to perfection that evoked ovations. Kudos to both the choreographer and the kids for mesmerizing the audience with gracious dance steps and with fascinating light and sound effects. 


Shri. V. Ishwar Rao, Chief Justice of AP, Chief Guest.
Shri. Dr. K. V. Ramanachaari (IAS), Principal Secretary to Government (Endowment), Revenue Department.
Shri. Devendra Prasad, Deputy General Manager, SBI.
Shri. S. Jayaramulu Gowda, Chairman, SLNS Marketing, Yadagiri Gutta.
Shri. Dr. K. Srinivas, Managing Director, Konark Diagnostic center.
Smt. P. Rudramma Devi,  Social Activist.
Smt. Dr. Somaraju Susheela, Social Activist.

The program commenced at 6-00 pm with the lighting of the lamp by Chief Guest and other dignitaries.

The President of Vaidehi Ashram gave a welcome speech to an applauding audience gathering of 500. He gave nostalgic wrap of the Ashram, the way  it was started the humble beginnings and how it has grown from a rental premisis to today over the years. 

Vaidehi Ashram which was started in the year 1993 under the assistance of Seva Bharathi, is a home for girl children deserted due to unfortunate circumstances.  From a modest beginning with 3 children, the Ashram has grown over the years and now accommodates 89 children. The Ashram's efforts is not confined only to provision of shelter and food for the children, but to groom them with endowment of Hindu culture so as to bring out the best traits and virtues needed in a human being. It also takes initiative in providing proper settlement of the child once they grow up. The Ashram has done Kanyadaan of 11 girls till now. This achievement was possible with the help of kind hearted public and institutions.

The President also presented the Finances of the Ashram, accounted to the last penny to the gathering.

The celebrations progressed with the dignitaries giving their messages amid the entertaining cultural programs performed by the children. 

The dignitaries were very impressed by the work done by the Ashram. They enlightened the kids with their valuable advices. The speeches emphasized the ever growing need to protect and foster the rich Hindu Culture and the significance of passing it to the next generations. Being good in education or in a particular field is not the only goal of a child or an individual. The speakers highlighted the importance of cultivating SEVA MANOBHAVA in our minds and our day to day activities. Helping those people in need is equivalent to MADHAVA SEVA. It is not just helping the needy with the funds, but extending aid in terms of work at ground level physically is of utmost importance.  And this is where the dignitaries praised the RSS and other Sangh related organizations for their immense contributions to the society that they have been rendering over the years. The helping hand extended by SBI adopting 35 children and Smt Rudramma Devi's assurance to take care of one child till her marriage was an eye opener to many.

Last but the foremost aspect to be pointed out is the way Ashram is rendering its efforts in bringing up its inmates cultivating the principles and virtues of Sanathan Dharma. No one can ever say the children are unfortunate. They are fortunate than many of us who might have ended up doing schooling in convents. As a guest rightly pointed out, they have hundreds of mothers and fathers looking after them.

The celebrations concluded by 09:30. There were a lot to take back home, for both the audience and the kids. The assurance to the girls that they are not alone, the encouragement to go forward on one hand, the passion, courage and enthusiasm exhibited by kids on the other hand and above all the righteousness, vision and virtues of the Ashram and its care takers. Truly, the celebrations were a retreat to many, to uphold and embrace our culture, our dharma and realize the importance of giving or rather experience the joy of giving.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

vaidehi ashramam Annual day celebrations

Vaidehi Ashram Annual day performances 2009

Vaidehi Ashramam : A Home for destitute girls

Vaidehi Ashram started in 1993 under the guidance of Sevabharathi, is a home which provides shelter, food, education and nurtures the child for holistic growth

Vaidehi Ashram was started initially with three children and today this garden for destitute girls is blossomed into 52  and then on now 2010 it has 100 girl children. Taking care of a destitute girl for the whole life itself speaks about the stupendous task. The Ashram which was started in a temporary accommodation has now built a permanent residence, which can accommodate 150 girls.

The Ashram has two caretakers who bestow the children with motherly care. The girls are imparted education in Saraswathi Sishu Mandir High School, which has an exceptional academic record. The girls have proved their mettle in the academics and in the co- curricula’s. All the girls are at their best in singing and dancing apart from their studies. Vaidehi ashram crossed another milestone by getting four occasion when their elder sisters pays visit to their nostalgic home..

A Donor Comments on Visiting Vaidehi

”All girls are well dressed, appeared to be very happy and looked to be well treated. These children possessed excellent self- confidence in themselves and in their future”

Vaidehi Ashram run by Sevabharati is an affection home (when all of us are hero to care of them, who can dare to call it an orphanage) for the destitute Girls.

Children start their day at 5:30 am with fresh-up and chanting their morning hymns in a single tone. Then at 6:30 am a small physical workout with a blend of yoga and exercise. Then they get ready to school with their lunch box.

Again at 4:45 pm the ashram comes alive with the children’s playfulness. At 5:30 pm they come out after their snacks for a drill and games. Then at 8:00pm they sit for dinner, later homework and study hour. At 10pm lights off with the chant of shanti mantra.

Vocational training in lamination, crafts, candle making, painting, making of jute-bags, stitching and embroidery is imparted. Last but not the least, the girls are trained in self defence.

Final word

In short Vaidehi Ashram ensures that peoples contribution will be used effectively to create a positive impact on the lives of children and the community at large.

Phone:- 040-24610056

Vaidehi Ashram
krishna nagar ,
Ph: (040) 24075544