Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Youth fors Sewa (Oracle volunteers) at Vaidehi Kishori Vikasa yojana for slum children (Girls)

Children moving around with untidy and scantly clad clothes, open drain overflowing, this is the common scene when one visits the unlimited slums irrespective of their geographical locations. Such unhygienic setting spreads disease and robs the slum dwellers of their precious hard-earn income. Also one more observation made by Seva bharathi volunteers is that any activity can sustain only if it is taken up and owned by the local people. Even after half a century of freedom we have such slums in the cities which should be engines of development. But they today end up as undeveloped islands of poverty, diseases and unemployment.
There are an approximate 400 and odd slums in the twin cities, after a detailed survey and observative study is the Vaidehi Kishori Vikas Yojana. The scheme shall have its administrative headquarters at Vaidehi Seva samithi, Saidabad and launched by Sri Sitaram Kedaliya, Akhila bharatha Seva pramukh in Jan ‘05. This is an effort to bring self reliance, health, education and awareness to the young and the old alike in the slums. The young volunteers in the age group 12-18 and especially girls shall be selected and trained, to equip them with information as well as the motivation to be the catalyst for the change.

In the first phase of the scheme 25 youth are selected and trained in Vocational skills, informal schooling, literacy campaigns, health and hygiene, good food habits and diet, Simple physical work out including Yoga. Simple educative and entertaining stories, songs, folk arts etc., are also part of volunteers training. The scheme demands 3 hours of daily volunteering when he / she shall make 3 visits to the allotted slums. The young volunteer goes about building relationships as well as bridges towards development and shall grow as a nucleus for development activities.

Oracle Volunteers (Youth for Sewa) at the Camp for slum children ---Vaidehi Kishori Vikasa Yojana

Volunteers interacting with Children


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