Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Backward Commission for reservation to orphans under OBC quota

Destitute orphaned children from general categories should get 27 per cent reservation along with OBCs for admission in government schools and jobs, according to a resolution passed by National Commission for Backward Classes (NCBC).

"The resolution was passed by the commission last week stating that those children who have lost their both parents and are below the age of 10 should be included in the OBC list and are eligible for reservation at par with all OBC castes," NCBC member Ashok Saini told PTI.

Saini said this comes with a condition that there is no guardian to take care of these destitute orphan children and they are admitted to either government or government-aided orphanages and schools.

The copy of the resolution has been sent to the Social Justice Ministry, Saini said.

According to sources, the NCBC proposal will be considered at the top-most political authority level and it may require a Cabinet approval.

Tamil Nadu, which has already been giving reservation to the destitute orphaned children under the state OBC list for the last three years, has also requested the Centre to include orphans in the central OBC list.

Besides Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Rajasthan are two states which have included orphans and destitute children in the central OBC list.

In a similar move, the NCBC had earlier recommended for reservation to the transgenders under the existing 27 per cent quota meant for OBCs.

But, the ministry dropped the provision after protests from OBC groups, and there was no mention of reservation for transgenders in the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill which was introduced in the Lok Sabha last month.

Source: http://www.deccanherald.com/content/571998/backward-commission-reservation-orphans-obc.html

Monday, August 15, 2016

70th Independence Day Celebrations at Vaidehi Ashramam, Saidabad,

Vaidehi Ashramam celebrate 70th Independence Day with,

Chief Guest of : Sri.Madiraju Seeta Rama Rao ji, Kshetra Vedic Matha PramukhGuest: Sri.O.Hanumantha Rao ji, Vice- President of Sri Saraswathi Sishu Mandir School, Saraswathi Nagar, Saidabad

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sri.G. Kishan Reddy ji - MLA,Amberpet, BJP Floor Leader, Telangana Assembly. Maan ki Baat................

Sri.G.Kishan Reddy  MLA, Amber pet, BJP ji visited Vaidehi Ashramam on 14-08-2016 and blessed the couples on the occasion of ashramam girl marraige

Vaidehi Ashramam: wishes the newly wed couple N.Sairathna & Ramesh Patra, Happy Married Life

సరస్వతీ నగర్ సైదాబాద్ లోని వైదేహి సేవాసమితి ద్వారా నిర్వహించబడుతున్న వైదేహి ఆశ్రమములో ఆశ్రమ బాలిక చి.ల.సౌ. సాయిరత్న, B.Tech వివాహము చి.రమేశ్ పాత్ర B.Com, BCA తో 14-08-2016,ఆదివారము రోజున 10:25 నిమిషములకు వైభవంగా జరిగినది.
 శ్రీమతి బుస్సు రాజేశ్వరి -శ్రీ సుధాకర్ రెడ్డి గార్లు కన్యాదాతలుగా వ్యవహరించారు.
ఇది ఆశ్రమములో జరిగిన 31 వ ఆశ్రమ అమ్మాయి వివాహము.
 ఈ వివాహానికి  BJP తెల౦గాణ శాసన సభపక్ష నేత, & అంబర్ పేట MLA  శ్రీ. G. కిషన్ రెడ్డి గారు & M.L. శ్రీ. Dr.P. రాజేశ్వర్ రెడ్డిగారు  వైదేహి ఆశ్రమ కమిటీసభ్యులoదరు మరియు   సుమారు 1000 మంది దాతలు, అభిమానులు విచ్చేసి నూతన వధూవరులను ఆశీర్వదించి, భోజనము చేసి వెళ్లారు.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Wedding Invitation of Vaidehi Ashramam :

Vaidehi Ashramam delighted to invite you & family on the marriage of our ashramam child
Chi.Sow.N.Sai Rathna , B.Tech Marriage
Chi.Ramesh Pathra , BCA
Time: 10:25 am
Date: 14-08-2016
Venue: Vaidehi Ashramam premises
Lunch starts on 12:00 pm onwards